Summer Storage

Just don't have the time for boating this season and need a place to keep your boat? Manitowoc Marina offers summer storage options for boats of all sizes.

2017 Summer Outdoor Storage

(from May 15th through September 15th)

Boat Length OverallAnnual Payment
Up to 24' $725
24.1' to 28' $845
28.1' to 32' $1025
32.1' to 36' $1160
36.1' to 40' $1365
40.1' to 44' $1505
44.1' to 48'" $1800
48.1' to 50' $1885

Off-Season Cradle Storage

  • No Charge for boats that are Winter Storing.  $100.00 for those not storing here

Mast Storage For Boats In Storage:

  • Summer Season: Outdoors on Mast Rack, De-Rigged....No Charge, or Rigged on South Lawn....$200.00
  • Winter Season: Outdoors on Mast Rack, De-Rigged....No Charge, or Rigged on South Lawn....$300.00
Indoor Storage, Mast De-Rigged....$450.00 per Season

Mast Storage Only:

  • Outdoor Storage on Mast Rack, De-Rigged for Mast Only....$150.00 per Season
  • Marina Skilled Labor Rate is $90/hour, unless otherwise noted

For additional Flat Rated Marina Services, please see our current Service Department Offerings and Pricing Handout.


  • The Contractual Winter Storage term is September 15th through June 15th, unless otherwise stated
  • All Storage Rates are subject to a 1.0% Environmental Remediation Fee and Applicable Sales Tax
  • All Winter Storage Rates are based upon Length-Over-All, including platforms and railings
  • All Rates reflected here are subject to change without prior notice.


For Boat Storage Inquiries

Call (920) 682-5117 or email

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