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From diving adventures with friends to coastal cruising with the family: At Jeanneau, we take your needs pretty seriously. Which is why, for over 60 years, we have been building boats based on proven designs and made them even better with ingenious innovations. Our range of powerboats with excellent hull designs is built to last, easy to handle, and simply one of the best ways to have a great experience.

Intense Experiences, Pure Happiness On The Water

Jeanneau designs and builds boats for every way you can love the sea.

High-performance boats with outstanding seaworthy qualities…

Boats with elegant lines and timeless style…

Liveable boats, where clever layouts and comfortable features are carefully considered, down to the smallest detail…

Boats to create your own unique experiences on the water with complete confidence: for shared moments of pure happiness.

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DB/37 IB

Designed For Unforgettable Experiences A Rush of Emotions, Complete Enjoyment Gathering with family and friends, taking in the ocean’s beauty, embarking on diving adventures, escaping the routine, or reveling in festivities, the DB/37 offers both thrilling bursts of speed and opportunities for shared bliss.  This premium day boat dazzles as much with its style as […]

DB/37 OB

DIVE INTO ALL THE SENSATIONS ON THE WATER Hop aboard the DB/37 OB and get ready for a boatload of water thrills: feel the rush of high-speed offshore cruising, kick back into the easy rhythm of life anchored amidst stunning nature, and savor the cozy elegance during starlit nights in the cockpit lounge or within […]

DB/43 IB

SHARE ALL THE DELICACIES OF THE SEA With the DB/43 IB, experience the sea in epicurean mode!  This premium day boat features a unique style and a remarkable level of comfort on board, for sharing delicious moments with friends on turquoise waters. A BOAT OPEN TO THE SEA Safe and comfortable while cruising, the DB/43 […]

DB/43 OB

SPEED, LUXURY, AND OPEN SPACES: EXPERIENCE THE INTENSITY OF THE SEA The DB/43 OB promises moments of pure exhilaration.  Full speed crossings, with a pause for sunbathing and a swim, stunning sunsets, shared smiles, a glass in hand… you don’t have to choose between enjoying intense sensations and simple pleasures. A POWERFUL, LUXURIOUS, DISTINGUISHED DAY […]

Leader 6.5 Series 3

DESIGNED FOR BEAUTIFUL GETAWAYS ON THE WATER Boasting a modular cockpit and a spacious cabin, the Leader 6.5 Series 3 will enable you to spend unforgettable weekends on the water.  Fun, relaxation, and sunsets are in store. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. ENJOYABLE CRUISING FOR ALL Safe and sporty, the Leader 6.5 Series […]

Leader 7.5 Series 3

UNIQUELY CRAFTED FOR FAMILY FUN Ideal for beautiful, sunny days, the Leader 7.5 Series 3 offers an escape for a couple spending a weekend on the water. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here.

Leader 9.0 WA

YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN SPEED AND COMFORT While excellent performance and powerful speed are ensured on your outings with the Leader 9.0 WA, this boat will surprise you with the level of comfort and equipment on board, as well, enabling you to enjoy extended cruises. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. CUT […]

Leader 9.0 WA Series 2

FULL COMFORT EXPRESS CRUISERS Featuring innovations incorporated aboard flagships of the line, the Leader 9.0 WA Series 2 invites you to experience beautiful getaways on the water – for a day, a weekend, or longer – in unrivaled comfort. DESIGN AND HIGH PERFORMANCE TO EXPERIENCE PURE THRILLS Boasting a V-shaped hull by Michael Peters and […]

Leader 10.5  WA Series 2

SPORTY CRUISING WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS In day boat mode, whether out on the water with friends or cruising with family, Leader 10.5  WA Series 2 has but one goal:  to enable you to take full advantage of the sun and the sea. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. SPORTY CRUISING AND ABUNDANT TIME […]

Leader 12.5 WA

CLEVER INNOVATIONS FOR GREATER COMFORT Performance is integral to the heritage of the line, and as the flagship of the range, the Leader 12.5  WA delivers on this point.  But it is in the level of comfort and in the quality of the layout that the innovations that will surprise you the most. SEANAPPS Technology […]

Leader 6.5 CC Series 3

PERFECT BALANCE OF SPORTY ATTITUDE AND COMFORT Sporty and family-friendly, the Leader 6.5 CC Series 3 features a concentration of clever, ergonomic design.  This success results from forty years of experience, cruising, and innovations. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. AN ICONIC MODEL THAT NEVER STOPS EVOLVING This iconic model in the Leader line […]

Leader 7.5 CC Series 3

CLEVER DESIGN, INSIDE AND OUT Jeanneau has tapped all of its savoir-faire in ergonomic design to give the Leader 7.5 CC Series 3 surprising versatility and spaciousness. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. 1001 WAYS TO BENEFIT FROM THE SEA The Leader 7.5 CC Series 3 can accommodate up to eight people for outings, […]

Leader 9.0 CC

GAME CHANGING CENTER CONSOLE Comfortable and easy to handle, clever and spacious, the Leader 9.0 CC shines in its versatility.  It is the ideal companion for all your water activities, which you can enjoy alone or in a group of up to 11 people. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. SPORT FISHING, OUTINGS WITH […]

Leader 10.5 CC

FUN FOR ALL! The Leader 10.5 CC adapts to suit all preferences!  Whether you are dreaming of a fully equipped fishing trip or a relaxing escape at anchor, the new flagship of the line promises unforgettable moments of happiness with family and friends. With its V-shaped hull design for excellent seakeeping, powerful twin engines, 2 […]

NC 37

THE BOAT FOR ALL YOUR ADVENTURES ON THE WATER A marvellous blend of comfort and performance, the NC 37 adapts to all your plans: whether for a quick outing or for a longer cruise, under a hot sun or in an autumn light, cruising with family or with friends… SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click […]

NC 695 Series 2

COASTAL CRUISING WITHIN REACH Clever and versatile, the NC 695 Series 2 is perfect for family coastal cruising, and a delight for all who love the sea.  Practical and easy to handle, it enables you to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies of the surrounding coastline. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. […]

NC 795 Series 2

A WEEKENDER THAT ADAPTS TO SUIT YOU Able to take you out on the water for morning fishing trips with friends, as well as for long weekend outings with family, the NC 795 Series 2 promises many enjoyable moments for you to share with friends and family. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. DESIGNED […]

NC 895

FULL COMFORT CRUISING AND MARINE ACTIVITIES Well suited for all sorts of activities on the water, the NC 895 offers enhanced comfort on board for passengers.  Space, light, and a wide variety of possible uses translate into successful cruises. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. UP TO SIX PEOPLE ON BOARD TO SHARE WEEKENDS […]

NC 895 Series 2

GET AWAY WITH FULL PEACE OF MIND From Scandinavian islands to Miami beaches to archipelagos in the Gulf of Thailand… the NC 895 Series 2 invites you to travel in comfort and with full peace of mind.  Offering space, light, and multifunctionality, this powerboat promises moments of pure escape and countless possibilities for family cruising. […]

NC 1095

EXPERIENCE THE SEA WITH EXCEPTIONAL VOLUME AND COMFORT With the NC 1095, the attributes of the line are taken to the max:  safety, comfort, versatility, incredible volume, impressive equipment, and an unequalled feeling of freedom! SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. THE VERSATILE WEEKENDER IN XXL The NC 1095 meets its challenge, featuring an […]

NC 1095 Fly

THE FLYBRIDGE: AN ADDITIONAL LIVING SPACE IN THE SUN The Merry Fischer 1095 Flybridge, flagship of the line, offers a healthy dose of sensations of speed and fun. This new space enables you to experience crossings and to enjoy the spray, the speed, and the horizon in a whole new way. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To […]

NC 695 Sport Series 2

A TRUE S.U.V OF THE SEA, HEADED FOR ADVENTURE With the NC 695 Sport Series 2, versatility and an ingenious layout, one that is unique to the line, are at your service for all your activities on the water.  Practical and protective, this is the clever boat, par excellence. SEANAPPS Technology on board. To learn more, click here. […]

NC 795 Sport Series 2

THE VERSATILE BOAT, TO TRULY EXPERIENCE THE SEA The NC 795 Sport Series 2 is destined for all who love the sea and are seeking action, water sports, and exploration.  The NC 795 Sport Series 2 has been entirely designed to offer you unique moments, closer to nature. FOR PURSUING YOUR PASSIONS ON THE WATER […]

NC 895 Sport

SPORT CRUISER FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Cut out for adventure and marine activities, the NC 895 Sport offers seriously convincing arguments for the entire family, affording more comfort on the interior and exceptional moments to share on the exterior.

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