Since 2014, Axopar has pioneered a global marine sales phenomenon, based upon an uncompromising range of unique and exciting, ‘avant-garde’, fun-inspired designs.

What is Axopar?

Since 2014, Axopar has pioneered a global marine sales phenomenon, based upon an uncompromising range of unique and exciting, ‘avant-garde’, fun-inspired designs.

The concept of providing well-made, competitively priced boats, that are immediately recognizable with their cool looks and are great fun to drive, has truly captured the public’s imagination. Worldwide sales have rocketed, with over 1,700 boats sold through a network of over 90 dealers, in 65 countries, across 6 different continents.

Whether you’re a seasoned and experienced boat owner, or you’re considering ownership of an exciting boat, perhaps for the very first time, there’s an Axopar model to suit every kind of coastal or offshore cruising requirement, water sport activity and marine lifestyle or practical boating need.

There’s a logical choice of hull length to choose from including our entry-level 22ft bow-rider, to the ‘quadruple award-winning’ walk-around Axopar 28ft and the more spacious Axopar 37ft range, each model based upon the same, dynamic underwater lines. Based upon a twin-step, low-resistance, deep-v design, with 20˚narrow entry, every Axopar offers exhilarating driving from a fundamentally dry and safe boat.

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Axopar 22

Specifications Superior, to many boats out there, the cool-looking Axopar 22 Spyder will be a true driver’s boat, offering first-in-class handling, seaworthiness and safety, combined with the efficiency and comfort that its bigger 28ft and 37ft siblings are renowned for. At Axopar we want our customer’s first experience of boating to be a good one, […]

Axopar 28 Open

OPEN UP FOR WARM WEATHER BOATING DAY-BOATING HAS NEVER BEEN THIS FUN The Axopar 28 Open offers great all-round visibility and the opportunity for occupants to be at one with their surroundings. A perfect choice even for those who have never even considered buying an 8m motorboat up until now, the ‘user-friendly’ characteristics and safe […]

Axopar 28 Cabin

WHATEVER THE WEATHER GO FURTHER ON YOUR JOURNEY Boating people know the weather can be an unpredictable force and being caught out in a rain storm, or being buffeted by strong wind for hours on end can be tiring. With capability of seating up to five people within a bright and airy, full weather protected […]

Axopar 28 T-Top

LOOK COOL AND STAY COOL FORM & FUNCTION FUSED TOGETHER Look cool and stay cool. Why let extreme hot weather curtail your boating enjoyment? Now you don’t have to with Axopar’s smart-thinking 28 T-Top. Sometimes having too much sun can be as unpleasant as not having enough, and Axopar thought about that when they designed […]

Axopar 37 Spyder

THE ALL-WEATHER PERFORMER OPEN-AIR THRILL AND SPORTINESS AT ITS BEST You love the feeling of driving a very competent, open speedboat with fantastic grip and handling that provides an extremely compliant ride. You prefer to the wind in your hair having great all-round visibility, and the opportunity to be at one with your surroundings. The […]

Axopar 37 Sun-Top

THE GAME CHANGER THE ALL-AROUNDER THAT COMBINES PERFECT PROTECTION AND OPEN SPACE The Axopar 37 Sun Top with its multi-purpose characteristics when launched in 2016, immediately proved itself to be a perfect combination of open and enclosed boating. Enjoying a great day in the sun with family, savouring ‘al-fresco’ dining, having a party with friends […]

Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin

THE ALL-WEATHER PERFORMER THE ULTIMATE CROSSOVER BETWEEN OPEN AND ENCLOSED BOATING The new Crossover that challenges convention in both looks and onboard functionality bringing a new era to all-weather boating. Never before has an all-weather boat looked this striking, instantly turning heads wherever you go with its captivating modern looks, challenging the perception of traditionally […]

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