G-Force 8 for Professionals



G-Force 8 is a high-quality and environmentally friendly aluminum boat also made for fully professional use. 

The G-Force 8 is designed for professional users with high demands on performance and construction, the G-Force 8 sets the standard to a completely new level of quality in her class.

As an alternative you can have the G-Force 8 with a wide and well protected center console instead of a cabin. All G-Force 8 versions provides safety and easy access to and from the boat. With the cleverly designed dedicated place for fenders and ropes it makes mooring fast and easy and you still have large space for seating and storage. All instruments, switches and gauges are ergonomically placed and the seats have adjustable suspension and pivots freely.

Greenbay Marine Ltd had the great pleasure of cooperating with Rescue Team Finland which is an experienced and innovative partner in the field of fire safety. This particular G-Force 8 “rescue version” is therefore fully equipped with rescue and fire-fighting equipment such as a built-in water pump in the front with integrated water intake and professional fire cannon, etc.

The extremely strong, yet lightweight hull offers both high speed and low fuel consumption. The Diesel version can be used with HVO (Neste MY) fossil free fuel. The superstructure of both hull and cabin is high grade recycable (AW5083) ocean aluminium. This ensures an impressive lifespan which makes her fully recyclable and sustainable.

G-Force 8 for professionals

We have had the pleasure to design a specially equipped G-Force 8 with a built-in multibeam sonar for professional bottom scanning.


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