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Built for the discerning sailor

We’ve created Tartan 395 to bring the build and design qualities that secured Tartan 345’s success to a size for serious offshore work at even greater speed and comfort. Our incredible team in Ohio completed hull #1 for the Newport International Boat Show and she was very well received indeed with hull #7 sold during the show. We look forward to following her growth in the months and years to come and hope you will join in the fun. Here’s to watching another fantastic Tim Jackett-designed Tartan turn heads wherever she goes.

Designer’s Notes

The All-New Tartan 395

A beacon of beauty, power, and quality, in a sea of production sailboat mediocrity, Tartan Yachts continues to grow its well-earned reputation for building the best looking, best built, performance cruising sailboats in the business. Tartan 395, fresh off the drawing board of Tim Jackett with four boats on order as of this writing, now takes her place in the enviable continuum of fine Tartan sailboats begun nearly 60 years ago.

Every detail of design and construction on Tartan 395 is scrutinized to deliver uncommon cruising performance. Her hull shape is an evolution of tried and true concepts proven to deliver great stability and high interior volume while maintaining comforting manners throughout a wide range of sailing conditions. The hull and deck laminates, multi-axial layouts of uni-directional e-glass fibers that sandwich closed cell structural foam coring (hull) and time-tested balsa coring (deck), are infused with modified epoxy resin. This process delivers a void-free laminate, with the optimal glass fiber to resin ratio resulting in a very stiff, strong, and lightweight hull/deck structure. Tartan’s dedication to industry-leading laminating materials and processes allows design flexibility and the ability to focus strength where it is needed while saving weight where sensible to enhance performance.

On deck Tartan 395 sports hallmark Tartan design elements such as a traditional, stylish cabin house fitted with attractive and highly functional polished stainless steel rectangular portholes. Natural ventilation and light are expected on every Tartan and 395 lives up to her heritage with 12 house-side portholes, 2 cockpit portholes, 7 deck hatches, and 2 Dorades. The cockpit is the social and sailing center of any sailboat and 395’s is large yet secure. With twin wheels set wide, sight lines under sail and power are unobstructed and clear. This arrangement also provides a clean center walkway to her hinge-down transom platform. All sail controls are lead aft through rope clutches to cabintop winches and the cockpit headsail trimming winches are within reach of each helm position. With the self-tacking jib sheet and mainsheet double ended and led to the cockpit winches single and shorthanded sailing are a snap. Tartan works with the best and most trusted suppliers of deck hardware in the world to ensure correct sizing and installation, a further testament to Tartan’s commitment to delivering on the promise of the best sailing and best equipped sailboats in the business.

Nearly every Tartan built since 2006 has been delivered with Tartan’s CCR sail plan (Cruise Control Rig). While other builders have tried to catch up and offer sail plans with self-tacking jibs, they unfortunately have not made the commitment to the higher-tech building processes that make this sail plan work effectively in all conditions. In fact, many of these boats are accepting inferior performance because they put similar rigs on boats that don’t have the stability to support the larger sail plan necessary to deliver great light-air performance while standing up to upper end and extreme conditions. Lead keels with a high ballast-to-displacement ratio and low center of gravity, enhanced by weight saved through better lamination materials and processes, coupled with a lofty carbon-fiber mast are the difference makers for Tartan 395 and the CCR rig throughout the line. The 395 carbon-fiber mast is half the weight of the more common aluminum masts fit on other cruising sailboats her size. The result is greater stability and a more refined fore and aft motion. Imagine the benefit of having the equivalent of five 200 pounders sitting on the weather rail when you need them but not onboard when you don’t. The savings on provisioning alone proves carbon-fiber’s value. In addition to increased sail-carrying ability, less weight aloft also means less fore and aft pitching moment which equals better motion in a seaway and increased transfer of the sail plan’s horsepower to driving the boat forward. Simply put, Tartan 395 will perform better than other cruising sailboats because she is built with better materials and practices allowing for a larger sail plan and more power driving the boat under sail.

At Tartan we understand that draft is an incredibly important issue and that one keel choice cannot fill every owner’s needs. Tartan 395 has been designed from the outset with three keel configurations: the standard Beavertail is a fixed keel that results in a 5’ 0” draft, a deep fin for those without draft restrictions results in 7’ 0” draft, and for those with very shallow draft requirements the keel/centerboard configuration results in a minimum 4’ 3”. All keels are cast lead with a bulb at the bottom, for lowest center of gravity and most stability possible for the chosen design.

Throughout its existence Tartan Yachts has been known for superior interior joinery and overall craftsmanship working with select North American hardwoods. Once again 395 follows Tartan philosophy but this time with a twist. Like her smaller sister 345, 395’s handcrafted interior is built in maple as standard, with cherry a no-charge option. The lighter maple opens up her interior in ways the darker cherry simply cannot. It’s a transcendent change in Tartan expectation as light and airy accurately describes the maple interior. Regardless of wood choice, the solid wood cabinet faces fitted with solid, raised-panel doors, another Tartan interior standard, and the attention to careful joiner work is not found on other production boats of any size. Protecting the semi-custom interior is satin conversion varnish that is not only a beautiful, clear, natural finish but is also highly solvent and UV resistant, providing years of low-maintenance opulence.

Tartan Yachts are built for the discerning sailor. If you appreciate high quality rig, deck, interior, and systems design within a sailboat that will take care of you and impress you with her performance; if you seek construction scantlings that describe a sailboat you’ll feel comfortable sailing anywhere; If you appreciate the eye of an artist and the experience of craftspeople with decades of boatbuilding behind them; if you’ve looked at custom, but simply don’t want to go there; Tartan Yachts, and the new 395, will stir your soul. Come sailing with us and we’ll fulfill your sailing dreams.


For complete Tartan 395 specifications please click here.


  • LOA:39 ft 6 in
  • LWL:33 ft 3 in
  • Beam:12 ft 10 in
  • DRAFT Deep Fin:6 ft 2 in
  • Beavertail:4 ft 10 in Keel/
  • Centerboard:4 ft 3 in/8 ft 3 in
  • Deep Fin:16,000 lb
  • Beavertail:17,000 lb Keel/
  • Centerboard:17,300 lb
  • Deep Fin:5,500 lb
  • Beavertail:6,500 lb Keel/
  • Centerboard:6,800 lb
  • Fuel:40 gal
  • Water:100 gal
  • Auxiliary:40 hp diesel saildrive
  • Berths:7
  • I, self-tacking jib:51 ft 10 in
  • J, self-tacking jib:15 ft
  • I, 155% reacher (optional):57 ft
  • J, 155% reacher (optional):16 ft 5 in
  • P:50 ft 9 in
  • E:16 ft
  • Mainsail area:406.59 sq ft
  • 100% foretriangle:388.7 sq ft
  • Upwind sail area (main & self-tacking jib):794.73 sq ft
  • Downwind sail area (main & reacher):1,112.59 sq ft
  • Bridge clearance:62 ft 7 in
  • Ballast/displacement:38
  • Displacement/length:206.5
  • Sail area/displacement (upwind):19.3
  • Sail area/displacement (downwind):26.9
  • Designer:Tim Jackett



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