Tofinou 8



Designed by naval architects Joubert and Nivelt, and produced in accordance with the French craftsmanship, the Tofinou 8 is a modern sailboat with a classic and timeless line.

Performing well under a light wind or a breeze, the Tofinou 8, with its responsive helm, is a dayboat that offers sensations similar to those of a sport dinghy, easy to manoeuvre in solo sailing or with a small crew.

The hull of the Tofinou 8, marked by its straight bow and very flat stern lines, is very stable and excellent at any points of sail.

In its “pivoting keel” version, its draught varies from 1.9 meters to less than 90 cm, which allows sailing close to the beach or in a shallow cove, entrance to the port at low tide, and even to run aground.

In its “fixed keel” version, the draught of the Tofinou 8 is of 1.7 meters.
The impeccable finish and the navigational qualities of the Tofinou 8 bring together aesthetics and the charm of regatta.

It is easy to manoeuvre and easy to transport.

Fast and stable, you’ll enjoy a thrilling and pleasurable experience whether in solo sailing or with a crew.



  • Length:8 m
  • Beam:2.53 m
  • Lest:700 kg
  • Draft (swinging keel):0,88 m / 1,90 m
  • Draft (fixed keel):1,70 m
  • Main sail:22 m²
  • Jib:13 m²
  • Displacement:2300 kg
  • Inboard Engine:10 ch



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